The story of the banner for OSH Praha západ

The story of the banner for OSH Praha západ (District Association of Volunteer Firemen Prague-West District). The traditional symbol on an embroidered double sided ceremonial fire brigade banner (of individual district associations) is a coat of arms of the district town. Similarly, as was the case with Brno-Country District, there is no district town of Prague-West District.
The story of the banner for DAVF Prague-West District

However, the association’s desire for their own banner was greater than this obstacle on the way to the creation of the banner. The members of the association took the initiative, and through their creativity, they designed a way how to express their affiliation to their district.

The front side of this beautiful banner (avers) is adorned with a central motif of a golden embroidery of the official coat of arms of Czech volunteer firefighters and traditional decorative devices, such as linden motifs in the corners and lining with national tricolor.

When designing the back side of the banner, the firefighters based their ideas on the symbols of the Central Bohemian Region. Those became gold embroidered contours of the Prague-West District with three silver curves representing the 3 rivers: Vltava, Sázava and Berounka, which flow through the district. The symbolism of the three rivers is at the same time a representation of the Central Bohemian Region, which is blessed by the patron saint of firefighters - Saint Florian.

The result of our mutual cooperation is truly beautiful and original, don’t you think?

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