Useful tips for flag bearers

You won’t get by without a presentable banner during an important visit, festival, welcoming ceremony, or any other important formal occasion. Every flag ceremony has its conventions and rules, and a simple presentation can be raised to a breathtaking spectacle. A traditional flag ceremony will certainly leave an impression, raise your authority, the esteem and respect for your town while becoming an unforgettable event.
Useful tips for flag bearers

Every professional flag bearer should carry the banner on a quality flag pole. A flag bearer belt and a pair of quality gloves will provide a support and comfort to the flag bearer. Rain covers and transport bags will make the handling of the banner easier during the event, and above all, it will protect the banner against the weather. What will definitely leave a good impression are flagpoles adorned with decorative finials, made of furbished metal or hand-carved wood. The finials can take shape of a motif used on the banner or municipal flag, or it can be more common symbol such as linden leaf, Fleur-de-lis, Bohemian Lion, or Moravian and Silesian Eagle.

If you want to be even more visible during your ceremony, you should get a specially extended two-piece flagpole measuring up to 3 m. This way, your banner will be literally highly impressive among other banners. The lower part of the flagpole can be fitted with a special brass or chrome end piece, that will ensure the durability of the flagpole during constant leaning of the pole against the ground (these flagpoles are used for example by the Prague Castle Guard). The flagpole should be also fitted with a circlet with small holes that are used for easy attachment of decorating ribbons.

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