The coat of arms and the flag of Klokočov

Návrh znaku obce KlokočovNávrh vlajky pro obec Klokočov







An example of a stylized heraldic drawing based on local curiosities.

Town’s coat of arms
Blazon: Argent, base gules, charged with linden tree eradicated, vert.

The inspiration for the design of this municipal symbol was the so-called Linden Tree in Klokočov (also called the thousand-year-old, Charles’ or The Royal Linden Tree), which is one of the oldest memorable trees in the Czech Republic. The town took it as its distinctive symbol long ago and have been using it as its “logo”.
This unique and massive linden is closely connected to the Czech history (in legends, it is even connected to St Wenceslas, Charles IV, etc.), therefore, it is placed on the field painted with the colors of the land - white and red. The shield is therefore silver (i.e. white) with a red base (i.e. an ordinary representing the earth).
The so-called charge of an eradicated (rooted out) linden tree is drawn two-dimensionally, according to the heraldic conventions, and it is stylized with distinctive heart-shaped linden leaves on the boughs stemming from a strong trunk with visible roots. In this form the charge is referred to as eradicated (rooted out), i.e. with visible roots. 

The municipal flag
Vexillological description of the flag: The field consists of two horizontal bands, white and red, in the ratio of 2:1. Green rooted-out linden in the center of the field. The ratio of the width to the length of the field is 2:3.

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