The coat of arms and the flag of Rudolec

Návrh znaku pro obec RudolecNávrh vlajky pro obec Rudolec







The creation of these municipal symbols is based on the specific request to use the distinctive heraldic charges of the coats of arms of the house Šabart of Rudolec and that of the house Chroustenský of Malovary, and to include a motif representing the numerous surrounding ponds. 

Town’s coat of arms:
Blazon: Per fess gules and azure; in chief bow saw, or, blade argent, in base two crayfish claws, or.
The municipal coat of arms has a wavy line of division of the field, these divisions create two separate fields for emblems of the two former eminent families. The wavy line of division of the field and the blue color of the lower part of the shield evokes the river Bohdalovský potok that springs near the town’s and supplies the local ponds.
In our heraldry, the charge of a bow saw is very rare. It was a part of a coat of arms of the house Šabart of Rudolec, who oversaw the foundation of the town. For that reason the saw is placed in the upper part of the coat of arms (chief), depicted with appropriate tinctures - gold and silver.
The charge of crayfish claws was borrowed from the coat of arms of house Chroustenský of Malovary, who were the owners of the town in the 16th century, and who rebuilt the former fortress into a renaissance palace. The claws therefore add on the motif of water, represented by the blue lower part of the shield.

The municipal flag
Vexillological description of the flag: The field consists of two horizontal bands, red and waved blue, with three apexes and four dips. In the red band, yellow bow saw with a white blade, in the blue band upright yellow crayfish claws. The ratio of the width to the length of the field is 2:3

Vyšívaná slavnostní vlajka obce RudolecSlavnostní vyšívaný znak obce Rudolec

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