The coat of arms and the flag of Třebnouševes

Návrh znaku pro obec TřebnouševesNávrh vlajky por obec Třebnouševes






An example of a simple, but very distinctive composition based on the coats of arms of the former nobility.

Town’s coat of arms
Blazon: Gules, on a pile sable, in chief a circle, or.    

During the designing of the municipal coat of arms, the heraldist used figures of the two former noble families - Otmar of Holohlavy, the founders of the local fortress, and Zilvar (or Silvar) of Pilníkov (or Silberštejn), possibly the last owners residing in the town.

The coat of arms is based on the combination of a red shield with black wedge (i.e. pointing down). The black, but inclined, wedge on red field is the main motif of the coat of arms of Zilvar (Silvar) of Pilníkov (Silberštejn).
The inclined wedge was not borrowed in order to distinguish it from the model, moreover, with its three points, the triangle-shaped wedge evokes the affiliated parts of town: Ostrov and Vinice, and it also evokes the local valuable baroque sculpture of the Holy Trinity. The golden ring in the black wedge evokes the ring (or bracelet) that is held by a raven in the coat of arms of aforementioned Otmar of Holohlavy. The golden circle is also a symbol of the town itself (see for example the cartographic mark on a map), a symbol of the town’s collectiveness, unity and firm standing.

The municipal flag
Vexillological description of the flag: Red field with a black wedge based on the hoist side. A yellow ring in the wedge, one twentieth of the field’s length in width. The ratio of the width to the length of the field is 2:3.

In case of such a distinctive coat of arms, it is logical that the design of the municipal flag would follow the same tinctures and figures used in the coat of arms, transforming them appropriately (vexillologically) into a (horizontal) field of a flag. The position and orientation of the shield’s wedge is horizontal. 
The hoist-based triangle in the flag of the Czech Republic is a similar example, but reaching only the half of the field with its point, not the fly end of the field as in the case of the flag of Třebnouševes.

Slavnostní vyšívaný znak a vlajka obce Třebnouševes

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