Table flags and stands

Table flags and stands

We’ll manufacture table flags fitting your individual requirements. Just tell us your idea and we’ll prepare a graphic design and then proceed with the manufacture. We can recommend the size, attachment and rendition, creating a classic or more exclusive appearance of your table flags. The choice is yours! We’ll take care of everything you need, including desktop stands and other accessories.

Table flags presentably attached to a quality stand are often used at conferences, international meetings, or as a promotional gift item. Table flags are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are a few categories of flags that are in stock and readily available, others can be made to order.

Production of table flags

  • Table (or desk) flags are mainly manufactured using screen printing method on special glossy satin of the highest quality, giving the resulting product lush intense colors and presentable appearance.

  • Providing each table flag with an internal stiffener and decorating it with twined string and stitching is a matter of course. The stiffener ensures that the flag will keep its shape, allowing your table flag to represent in every situation.

  • We can also make your table flags in highly prestigious and impressive embroidered version, using silk thread embroidery on satin or velvet. The table flags are decorated with silver or golden fringes on the edges and the strings’ ends are decorated with typical streamers. 

Types of table flags

  • String-suspended table flags: the flag is oriented vertically and it is attached on a hanging stand, the edges are stitched with twined string for decoration and reinforcement.

  • Slide-on table flags: the flag is oriented horizontally and it is attached on the stand using a special sleeve.

Table flag categories and their availability

  • Municipal table flags: made to order, the usual design consists of the coat of arms and the name of a village / town / township / city (string-suspended type), or as a miniature municipal flag (slide-on type).

  • Table flags for fire brigades, sports clubs, associations, professional organizations, interest groups, schools, the police, the military, etc.

  • Advertising table flags: made to order (suspended, slide-on) usually showing the company logo, a logo of a product, or a particular service.

  • Table flags usually in stock and readily available for sale on our e-shop here. We have an assortment of world (table) flags, flags of international organizations and regions of the Czech Republic. All the table flags in stock can be purchased in both the “suspended” and “slide-on” types.

Stands for table flags

We recommend that you use the table flags together with quality stands, of which we have a wide range of types and materials to offer.  You can browse all the types of table stands and order them directly on our e-shop here.  
Embroidered table flags are delivered including all the accessories
, i.e. metal or wooden crossbar and wooden table flag stand. 

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care