Wood carved and sandstone coats of arms

Wood carved and sandstone coats of arms

A coat of arms of a village, town or township is a symbol that captures the significance, the history and the present of a place, it is a symbol that bestows the hallmark of uniqueness. Much like a logo or a trademark is important for a company. Every association, organization or an individual has the right for their own coat of arms. This unique identification has an effect not only on the “outsiders” (the public), such as visitors, customers, partners, etc., but also on the “insiders” - the members of the community.

A coat of arms is a representation of your dignity, your uniqueness, it carries an unmistakable informative value and raises authority. And that applies not only to a national coat of arms, but also municipal, personal, or corporate coat of arms, as well as to a coat of arms of a fire brigade, an organization or an association. We can create wood-carved coats of arms or ones made of artificial sandstone or wood, all custom-made. They will breathe new life to your interior and exterior, empowering the spirit of your village, town, township or company.

Wood carved and sandstone coats of arms:

  • Hand-carved or sandstone coat of arms will become a representative dominant feature of every interior (conference room, meeting room, office or ceremonial hall), they can also decorate the exterior of a building.
  • The material used for the creation of the product - artificial sandstone - adds natural patina and longtime durability to the symbol. If you are looking for a truly impressive versatile solution, then sandstone coat of arms is the right choice.
  • Wood carved coats of arms are used as representative decorations for the interior. They are available in dark or light brown versions.
  • The usual height of the coat of arms: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm. However, any size or color is possible.

Wood carved and sandstone coats of arms for villages / towns / townships

Sandstone coats of arms for PříkazyJust as national symbol does, the municipal coat of arms represents the dignity and authority of an office towards the citizens. The municipal coat of arms helps with unmistakable identification of a local office or an institution and therefore carries a clear informative value. For that reason, we recommend that you display the national and municipal coat of arms together, made of the same material.


Wood carved and sandstone coats of arms for personal heraldry

Hand-carved personal coat of armsIt doesn't matter if your family's history is ancient or if it is rather recent. Today, everyone can have their own coat of arms, let the heraldic charges speak for you. Wood carving and sandstone are both suitable choices for your personal coat of arms.


Corporate wood carved and sandstone emblems 

An example of a sandstone symbolThe company logo, in a form of a sandstone or wood-carved symbol, can capture historical dates, the development of your your company or simply just the logo itself. It is not just an impressive and appropriate decoration of a conference room, meeting room or office, but also a reminder of your accomplishment and the difficult beginnings. This unique symbol deserves unique rendering.

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