Beach flags

Beach flags

Corporate flags of this type are also known as “feather flags” or “beach flags” and they offer original and effective way of advertising. Beach flags catch the eye of every passer-by thanks to their attractive shape, distinctive height and specific flutter.

Beach flags consist of a flag wing with a print and a long flexible reinforcement pole with a wide range of accessories, which can be combined. Their construction is robust and durable to withstand daily use.

The properties of beach flags:

  • Beach flags are very practical – they are lightweight, compact and easy to install.
  • You will also appreciate the portability of a beach flag because of its small transport size and weight.
  • We offer beach flags in a wide range of sizes (from 150 to 420 cm) with a rich selection of accessories (flag bases, screws, spikes).
  • An attractive way of presenting a company with versatile use in both the interior and the exterior.
  • Dye-sublimation printing of a flag wing - guarantees a long lifetime period and high quality of production.
  • Beach flags undergoe the sublimation process - ensuring maximum fixation and luster of colors.

Accessories for beach flags (feather flags):

  • we offer variants with or without a rotator to every beach flag accessory below,
  • folding cross base (a sand bag weight can be added),
  • screw base (for grass, sand or snow),
  • ground spike for a beach flag,
  • car base,
  • transport bag for easy storage and transport of a beach flag.

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