Enamel products

Enamel products

Enamel is a traditional noble material with excellent decorative properties, distinctive sheen of color and embossed motifs.  Enamel signs are distinguished by their high durability, and the properties of modern enamel outperform even first-rate coating materials. We can make enamel oval signs, welcome signs, house and street signs on demand, according to your individual wishes.

First, we will discuss and draft the symbol and the overall design of the enamel (oval) sign. Next, we pass the design over to the workshop where the sign itself is manufactured following careful procedures that result in a quality product with high durability. The accessory is a matter of course (stainless steel screws, collars, metal poles) and each appropriate accessory will be delivered with a chosen product.

Basic types of enamel signs and plates:

  • enamel oval sings for villages, towns and townships,
  • enamel oval signs for firemen,
  • enamel plates with a name of an institution or an agency,
  • enamel street signs and house numbers,
  • enamel welcome signs.

Even enamel ovals have their story
When Alerion was looking for the right shape for our first oval signs, we had to compare various historical shapes and dimensions from the Austro-Hungarian period of our country's history to the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic. The current beautiful design emerged as a combination of renovation and innovation of the traditional historical shape. Today, these oval signs are already a traditional way of designating important institutions, offices and buildings in towns or cities, and a citizen, visitor or a tourist can spot them instantly. 

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care