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Heraldic office

Designing of corporate symbols

The company logo represents the company’s image, and thanks to their logo, many corporations are easily recognized. Thanks to a company brand or a logo, a company moves closer to their customers and establishes a relationship between them and the company. A corporate logo, a message, or the overall principles of a company deserve to be transformed into more tangible and noble form. 

The designing of a personal and a family coat of arms

A personal coat of arms is a magnificent gift for a jubilee, also, making a family coat of arms may start a wonderful family tradition connected with handing over values, ideas and the proverbial family reins. Personal coats of arms are designed according to the conventions of citizen heraldry. We can create a personal or family coat of arms, or full heraldic achievement tailored to your desires.

Municipal heraldry designs

If you want to make a quality design of a town coat of arms, it is necessary to know and respect the expert heraldic and vexillological conventions for creating and describing a symbol, such as a coat of arm, a heraldic achievement (heraldry), a flag, or a banner (vexillology). The appearance of municipal coats of arms and their individual symbols is based on the town’s history and local traditions. In the process of creating a design of your symbol, there is obviously space for your ideas and comments, and of course, findings about your town’s history.

Heraldic office

Our heraldic office specializes in creating original heraldic designs. We cooperate with leading heraldists and vexillologists in the Czech Republic, therefore we can guarantee 100% regulatory compliance. Whether you come to us as a fire brigade representative, from state or local administration, a business, nonprofit organization, or as an individual, our heraldic office can offer professional heraldic and graphic services, and subsequent realization of your symbol.

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