Heraldic office

Heraldic office

Our heraldic office specializes in creating original heraldic designs. We cooperate with leading heraldists and vexillologists in the Czech Republic, therefore we can guarantee 100% regulatory compliance. Whether you come to us as a fire brigade representative, from state or local administration, a business, nonprofit organization, or as an individual, our heraldic office can offer professional heraldic and graphic services, and subsequent realization of your symbol.

If you come to us, you will not only get a graphic design of your coat of arms or heraldic achievement, you can also have your symbol made in a form of embroidered banner, lapel pin, handstamp, seal, memorial plaque, medal, etc.

For whom does our heraldic office most often offer its services?

  • Coats of arms for villages and towns, to whom we extend the helping hand and give sound advice during the complicated process of symbol’s official approval in the Chamber of Deputies.

  • Personal or family coats of arms, which lay the foundation of a family tradition. A personal coat of arms is no longer a domain of just noblemen and kings.

  • Designing and realization of symbols for business. One of our sales representatives, together with our heraldist, will help your company's representatives put together the most fitting symbolism and motto for your company or corporation.

Authorial graphic designs from our heraldic office and graphic studio

Before every symbol’s creation, there must be an original graphic design, which we prepare with the utmost care and attention, in cooperation with our heraldic office. You can decide about almost everything concerning the appearance of your new flag or a coat of arms, with the exception of officially approved graphics for municipal symbols. Your participation, wishes and ideas are absolutely crucial in this preparatory stage, because only then we can create a beautiful, vital and worthy symbol of your town, business or family.

Redrawing of existing symbols into a graphic form

You already have your own symbol but you lack the graphic materials that could be used universally for your promotion? Do not despair. We offer expert examination and graphic rendering into the correct format. Once and for all, your symbol will have a single definite form (in an electronic format or on a CD), everything done in all the usual graphic formats, including vector graphics, set for whatever future use of your symbols. Doing so, the possibility of creating a heraldic or vexillological error is eliminated (which could happen in an advertising agency, graphic studio, print shop, etc.) and the proper and legal use of your symbol is guaranteed.

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care