Designing of corporate symbols

Designing of corporate symbols

The company logo represents the company’s image, and thanks to their logo, many corporations are easily recognized. Thanks to a company brand or a logo, a company moves closer to their customers and establishes a relationship between them and the company. A corporate logo, a message, or the overall principles of a company deserve to be transformed into more tangible and noble form. 

The importance of an embroidered corporate flag
There is an increasing number of companies that have realized they want to express their respect for the company founders who had built the company long ago. Moreover, there are some companies that want to leave a legacy of values and principles that would guide the future generations. An embroidered corporate flag or banner then becomes a corporate symbol, decorating the interior of the company headquarters (e.g. a meeting room, a showroom, the office of the CEO), and the symbol becomes a literal manifestation of the company’s ideas.  

But how is such a symbol created?

Our experienced heraldist will take care of your company's representatives, and together they will find the most appropriate motto and symbolism representing your company that could be embedded into your flag or banner. It does not necessarily have to be a company logo. Some companies often want to emphasize some important part of their history, or, if it’s a family business, they want the symbol to express a personal legacy or their allegiance to the country in which the company was built. All of this is then rendered into the expert heraldic or vexillological terminology and tastefully transformed into the symbols themselves.

Much like the fire brigade banners, the front side and the back side of the flag is different. The most common devices used for the front side are for example a company logo, a symbolic rendition of the company’s field, a slogan, inscription, or motto. On the back side, a patron saint of the profession could be depicted, or a map of the locality of the company’s main office, and many other possible graphical stylizations. Significant dates and milestones of the company are also appropriate choices. A banner can be made in two sizes - small or large. The creation of the flag itself can often take even months, the fine artistic craftsmanship is not only delicate but also a time consuming process.

An example of a combination of a personal coat of arms with business symbolic devices

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