Embroidered and printed banners, flags, banners of arms and ribbons

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Embroidered and printed banners, flags, banners of arms and ribbons

Restoration and reproduction of banners

Proper professional care not only restores the original colors and luster of the banner, but also extends its lifetime. We will choose the most appropriate procedure depending on the wear of the material.

It depends primarily on the degree of damage of the embroidery, degradation of the internal stiffeners, or on the degree of mechanical damage. There are more than few ways to save a banner “worn-out” by the years. 


Sophisticated high-quality banner accessories (flagpoles, stands) are the proverbial icing on the cake that will ensure uniqueness and dignity of your embroidered symbols. The range of our products, such as flagpoles, flag stands, wall-mounted crossbar holders, handles, ornate pole tops, flag bearer belts and gloves, is really wide.

Printed satin flags and banners

Printed ceremonial satin flags are an alternative to embroidered flags and banners. Embroidered flags require more time and work to be manufactured, and the price corresponds to that. Satin flags are made by printing on a special glossy satin, with additional surface finishes to enhance the final effect.

Satin flags are manufactured in the same size as banners, i.e. 100 x 150 cm. If you do not have the necessary financial resources to purchase a custom-made embroidered banner, a printed satin banner is the perfect choice for you at a great price.

Embroidered banners of arms

An embroidered ceremonial banner of arms is a distinctive heraldic symbol and together with an embroidered flag they form an inseparable whole. They decorate conference rooms, special occasions or important events.

Hand-embroidered ceremonial banners of arms are produced in four basic variations. The banner is attached by hanging loops. A varnished wooden crossbar and hand-forged holders for the presentable attachment of the banner are provided as a bonus for free.

Take a look at our company’s designs and find your inspiration.

Embroidered and printed ribbons

Embroidered ceremonial ribbons are an inseparable part of all embroidered ceremonial banners and flags.  Ribbons are most often drawn up with texts commemorating the granting or blessing of a symbol, or any other important event tied to the symbol.

Embroidered flags and banners

Embroidered banners, flags, banners of arms and ribbons are the main products of our company and we have more than sixteen years of experience with their design and manufacture. With our finely hand-embroidered banners we follow the traditional craft of medieval nunneries.

Embroidered ceremonial fire brigade banner and ribbon

"A banner is a symbol that represents and unites!"
Ceremonial fire brigade banners represent the identity of a fire brigade and carry its message for the future generations. And for that reason, we strive to capture the essence of the place, the people, the identity of the fire brigade, its past and present.

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care