Embroidered ceremonial fire brigade banner and ribbon

Embroidered ceremonial fire brigade banner and ribbon

"A banner is a symbol that represents and unites!"
Ceremonial fire brigade banners represent the identity of a fire brigade and carry its message for the future generations. And for that reason, we strive to capture the essence of the place, the people, the identity of the fire brigade, its past and present.

We make sure that our banners and ribbons reflect the unique atmosphere of your hometown and your fire brigade even at first glance. And for that reason, hundreds of volunteer firefighters from all over the Czech Republic and abroad have come to us to have their banners and flags made.

Why our embroidered fire brigade banners?

  • Embroidered flags and banners from our workshops are handmade, using traditional craft techniques, while employing high-end technologies and modern materials.
  • An original graphic design - every banner is one of a kind.
  • Our embroiderers are masters of even the most difficult embroidery techniques, one of which is so-called crewel embroidery, using this technique gives birth to impressive works of art.
  • Ceremonial banners and ribbons from our workshop are made only from our own custom-made velvet and satin
  • Every banner from one of our workshops consists of a specially designed stiffener, so-called body of the flag, which forever ensures the flag’s dignified and presentable shape.
  • Perfectly functional, sophisticated, high-quality accessories create a whole, together with a banner, ensuring its dignity and presentable appearance.
  • If you lack the financial resources to acquire such a banner or a flag, we can give you some advice, how to get them.

What symbols are used on an embroidered ceremonial banner? 

On the front side of the banner (obverse), there is usually a firefighter coat of arms or emblem, that can consist of linden leafs, axes, ladders, helmets, hoses, nozzles, and other firefighter tools that are stylized in various graphical renditions. Some fire brigades also choose the official coat of arms of volunteer firefighters association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (SHČMS) with the greater coat of arms of the Czech Republic. Alternatively, the greater coat of arms of the Czech Republic can be replaced with the coat of arms of a village, town, or township from which the particular fire brigade comes from. On the front side, in addition to the firefighter emblem, there are also the name of the fire brigade and the year of its foundation.

The rear side of the banner (reverse) usually depicts the figure of Saint Florian and a local historic landmark. However, the fire brigade can choose a different patron saint. For example, Saint Wenceslaus, Saint Michael, or Saint Christopher can be embroidered on your banner instead of Saint Florian with all their attributes. The figures of patron saints are the most popular and most impressive part of an embroidered banner. It is here where the details of the skillful artistic work of the embroiderer can be truly appreciated. Only the best of them can transform a design into a masterpiece. The rear side of the banner also contains traditional firefighter mottos, embroidered in embellished letters. 

Restoration and fire brigade banner replicas

Many fire brigades are proud to have their own banner already - a banner which have been an irreplaceable companion that has been accompanying the fire brigade throughout its existence. A banner is a testament to the unity of people, their strong will and determination. And such a symbol surely deserves due attention of experts who can restore its original color, shine and strength. Depending on the wear of the material, we will choose the most appropriate procedure. It depends primarily on the degree of damage to the embroidery, degradation of the internal stiffeners, or on the degree of mechanical damage. There are more than few ways to save a banner “worn-out” by the years, from basic conservation to the creation of a faithful replica of the fire brigade banner. For more information about restoration and replicas of fire brigade banners, click here.

Complete assortment of symbols for firefighters

We’ve prepared products for every fire department, products that will decorate both the interior and the exterior of your fire station, embellish public places and ensure long lasting and tasteful appearance. For both the volunteer and professional firefighters, we offer only the highest quality fire brigade banners, ribbons and their related accessories, enamel oval signs for fire stations, uniform accessories, or small firefighter-themed souvenirs.

Useful tips for flag bearers 

Every professional flag bearer should carry the banner with dignity on a quality flag pole and place it into an appropriate stand after the procession. A flag bearer belt and a pair of quality gloves will provide a support and comfort to the flag bearer. Rain covers and transport bags will make the handling of the banner easier during the event, and above all, it will protect the banner against the weather. What will definitely leave a good impression are flagpoles adorned with decorative finials, made of furbished metal or hand-carved wood. If you want to be even more visible during your ceremony, you should get a specially extended two-piece flagpole measuring up to 3 m. 

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care