Embroidered flags and banners

Embroidered flags and banners

Embroidered banners, flags, banners of arms and ribbons are the main products of our company and we have more than sixteen years of experience with their design and manufacture. With our finely hand-embroidered banners we follow the traditional craft of medieval nunneries.

Our customers can choose from four types of materials: satin, velvet, velvet premium and velvet exclusive. Thanks to an original graphic design (of your banner or flag) your newly created symbol will mirror the unique identity of your community. The usual size of our flags and banners is 100 x 150 cm but they can be made in any size you wish. 

The significance of embroidered banners and flags

With your embroidered symbols you can tell the history of your village, town, fire brigade, or any other association, and keep its mystique.
Fire brigades use banners for more than 150 years as an expression of their existence and active service. Fire brigade banner is present at festive or ceremonial occasions such as celebrations, traditional feasts, festivals, homecomings, tournaments, or honoring an important quest. The banner links the members together and pays a tribute to the long-time and difficult service of the fire brigade.
Each and every flag and banner of arms carries a story within, a story of the town’s foundation and development, a story of its people and remarkable events. For the residents, the town’s flag and coat of arms is a symbol of a place where they live and where they fondly come back. For the tourists and visitors, the flag makes the town more attractive a place of recreation and unforgettable memories.
These embroidered symbols not only adorn places of interest, but also contribute to better orientation and distinctiveness.

The choice of material from which the flag or banner will be made is important

The material will play an important role in the final appearance of the symbol, therefore, we recommend scheduling an appointment where you could see and feel the fabric of the material and the embroidery and choose the one that will suit you best. 
We offer four types of materials to our customers:

  • Satin (glossy, reflects light, very distinctive), 200 g.
  • Velvet classic (soft, medium density, semi glossy), 240 g.
  • Velvet premium (higher density, matte, absorbs light, dignified look), 360 g.
  • Velvet exclusive (the highest density – rich height and thickness, heavy), 420 g.

A fine banner must maintain its shape

And that is achieved by using our special stiffener which we have been developing for several years in our company workshops. Today, this stiffener is an integral part of every embroidered symbol we create. Every banner from one of our workshops consists of a specially designed stiffener, so-called body of the flag, which forever ensures the banner’s dignified and presentable shape when attached to the flagpole. Our banners don’t sag or crumple. The banner remains permanently presentable and worthy of its significance.

Fine artistic craftsmanship

Masterfully done embroideries sometimes take even several months to create. We use: applied embroidery, full embroidery, crewel embroidery, chain stitch, various kinds of shading, etc. Only the most experienced and skillful embroiderers have mastered the crewel embroidery - and you can find them in our workshops! Using this technique they are able to draw and shade motifs that literally come to life. The creation of stencils and the transfer of motifs on the material are done using a traditional manual technique of puncturing and coloring with so-called ink of Rotterdam nuns. 

Why choose our embroidered banners and flags? 

  • Embroidered flags and banners from our workshops are handmade, using traditional craft while employing high-end technologies and modern materials.
  • We offer 20-year warranty on our embroidered symbols, the longest warranty on the market, the lifetime of our embroidered products is 100 and more years.
  • Our embroiderers are masters of even the most difficult embroidery techniques .
  • We use high quality satin and velvet with high grammage and full intense colors.
  • Every banner from one of our workshops consists of a specially designed stiffener, so-called body of the flag, which forever ensures the flag’s dignified and presentable shape. 
  • Presentable accessories are an essential part of our workshops’ embroidery production: flagpoles, crossbars, stands, flagpole finials, wall-mounted crossbar holders, flag bearer belts and gloves, protective cases and transport bags. 
  • We guarantee that every one of our symbols is designed and created according to all legal and heraldic regulations and international conventions

Be a part of designing your own embroidered flag or banner!

Even though the design of embroidered flags and banners is traditional up to a point, your ideas and individual requests, local curiosities, traditions and values can be transferred into yours. In that way these embroidered symbols can mirror your past and present. Thanks to your active participation during the design of your embroidered banner, you will receive a true treasure whose spiritual legacy will live on for centuries. 

The difference between a flag and a banner

A flag
A flag has a fixed ratio (2:3) and is hoisted on a flagpole with a rope on which the flag is tied, or fixed using snap hooks. This term is used for embroidered municipal symbols, it is also used for printed flags. The term is defined by Czech law, which describes the municipal symbols as a municipal “coat of arms” and “flag”. Flags are also used as symbols of associations and interest groups. You can also find corporate flags and others in our assortment of products.

A banner
A banner is usually fixed to a flagpole using decorative nails, a sleeve, or other mechanisms. The ratio of a banner is not specified. In the Czech context the traditional ratio 2:3 is mostly observed. The term banner is used particularly for ceremonial embroidered symbols (except for municipal symbols, see the paragraph about flags).

No matter the terminology, a flag and a banner are the most important symbols of every community. They not only unite but also emphasize your distinctiveness and uniqueness. They are your "brandmark", a representation deserving of special attention.

Advantages of Alerion

  • Traditional handcraft
  • Quality materials
  • Long-time experience
  • The longest warranty
  • Guarantee of expertise
  • Personal customer care