Embroidered and printed ribbons

Embroidered and printed ribbons

Embroidered ceremonial ribbons are an inseparable part of all embroidered ceremonial banners and flags.  Ribbons are most often drawn up with texts commemorating the granting or blessing of a symbol, or any other important event tied to the symbol.

These embroidered ribbons are attached to the banners during ceremonial acts and the attaching itself becomes a significant personal honor. Embroidered ribbons are made from the same material as the banner or flag, for which they are intended. In addition to the commemorative text, the ribbon is also usually embroidered with other symbols, for example the coat of arms of the village, town, or fire brigade. The size of an embroidered ribbon is usually 130 x 15 cm, which corresponds to a standard size banner or flag.

Ribbons are available in various designs:

  • a crossbar ribbon
  • a knotted ribbon: single-stream, double-stream, or triple-stream
  • a straight ribbon: single-stream, double-stream, or triple-stream

All of these ribbons can be seen in our photo gallery.

 Ribbon should be made from the same material as the flag or banner:

  • Satin (glossy, reflects light, very distinctive)
  • Velvet (soft, medium density, semi glossy)
  • Velvet premium (higher density, matte, absorbs light, dignified look)
  • Velvet exclusive (the highest density – rich height and thickness, heavy)

Looking for a suitable text on your ribbon? Find your inspiration here:

  • Banner created to honor The 120th Anniversary of the Founding of the Fire Brigade 
  • Blessed in the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, 12 May 2005
  • Granted by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, 3 March 2003
  • 5 July 2016 – Blessing of the Banner. Jan Horák, MSc.  – The Godfather of the Banner
  • The Mayor of the Municipality – The Godfather of the Banner. The Municipality of Dolní Kounice
  • The town’s Mayor – The Godfather of the Banner. The Town of Bysřice nad Pernštejnem
  • For your dedication. The City District Brno-Královo Pole
  • Created to commemorate 750 years since town’s foundation
  • 500 years since the first written reference to the village, on the occasion of firemen celebrations, Litoměřice 2010
  • Granted by the City of Brno
  • Granted by the Association of volunteer firemen of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
  • Respect and thanks for your service

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